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”i0n1c” tweets iOS 8 jailbreak Successfully

Apple iOS 8 jailbreak Successfully completed 


Apple iOS 8 Beta 1 Has Been productively Jailbroken

After  iOS 7.1 – iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak we have some good news for the iOS 8 jailbreak community, as renowned iOS jailbreak developer Mr’ Stefan Esser we calling ‘’i0n1c’’ has productively confirmed the ability to iOS 8 jailbreak his Apple iPod Touch running latest iOS 8 from his MAC OS X.

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iOS 8 jailbreak Beta Has Been Successfully completed

Good news is the veteran hacker has post a new screenshot (on top of) in depict the ability to SSH into an Apple iPod Touch running latest iOS 8 using the MAC OS X.
ios-8-beta-has-been-successfully-jailbroken (1)

Before, he had established a low down level jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 and had sounded optimistic about an imminent jailbreak for iOS 8.

Mr Stefan Esser ‘’i0n1c’’ tweeted that iOS 8 beta does not repair several existing exploits being used in the evasion7 jailbreak. Though, he revealed that the most important part dump looked fine in spite of the code being changed with a certain lack of patches to fix existing bugs or loopholes issues in the software.Here is what jailbreak developer i0n1c tweeted while sounding optimistic about an imminent Apple iOS 8 jailbreak.

ios-8-beta-has-been-successfully-jailbroken (2)
The hacker ‘i0n1c’ tweets about the development achieved with Apple iOS 8 jailbreak on Twitter

It is not up till now clear if the hack used by Mr Stefan Esser has the capability to run Cydia jailbreak iOS 8. Besides, hacker i0n1c is unlikely to release the public jailbreak iOS 8 although he might add to its latest development in co-ordination with the jailbreak developer Evad3rs Dream Team.

It is probable that a public release of jailbreak iOS 8 will have to stay until Apple rolls out the iOS 8 Gold Master or the last release.

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