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iOS 8 – iOS 9 Features

5 incredible iOS 8 features Apple developers did not mention

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Apple iOS 8 developers working hard to release iOS 8 public version. the developers said iOS 8 and iphone 6 to be release together. The last iOS 7.1.2 public version and iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak release last month. p0sixspwn developers, evasi0n8 jailbreak developers now start they work to jailbreak iOS 8.start they work to jailbreak iOS 8

Apple developers added a ton of latest features to iOS 8 this week & extra are surely on the way once novel iPhone and iPad are announced. other than while Photos, Messaging & Notification Center stole most of the spotlight throughout the WWDC keynote, there were a bunch of lesser features Apple did not cover.

Better camera tools and battery statistics or  latest Siri tricks and extra were also added to today’s beta versions. Here is our hands-on preview of 5 incredible features Apple developers did not mention in today’s keynote.

Focus points and Separate exposure


Popular iOS 8 camera applications like VSCO & Camera+ have had separate focal & exposure points for years, other than Apple iOS 8 developers at last adding this feature in iOS 8. Tap where you need to focus & you will see a light icon after that to the focus box that you can slide up & down to change.

Battery usage by application


iOS 8 lets you pinpoint which applications are killing your iphone, ipod or ipad battery. To find out, just head to Settings >next> General >next> Usage >next> Battery Usage.

From Siri Buy Shazam’d songs

iOS 8 jailbreak

Not only has iOS 8 Siri picked up the ability to recognize latest songs, by means of Shazam, other than you can also purchase those new songs in iTunes right from the iOS 8  Siri menu. It also works grade for several other iTunes content Siri pulls up, & you do not even have to request Siri “what song is playing?” to MR Shazam them. now hold your iphone home button & Siri will begin analyzing the music following a only some seconds of silence. you can use this From Siri Buy Shazam’d songs feature without iOS 8 jailbreak

In Case of Emergency card


One of my worst fears is that I will die in a horrific break down of several sort & the police need to know how to get in touch with my parents to pick up the my body. Now anybody can shape out how to assist out your unconscious body with no unlocking your iPhone 5s, thanks to the novel In Case of Emergency card on the iOS 8 lock screen that you be able to be setup in the Health application.

Go for Safari DuckDuck

duckduckgosupportiOS8 (1)

Google team might be the king of search but DuckDuckGo feature is our engine of option at Cult of Mac os x. It is a pain in the ass to make use of if your web browser does not integrate with it, other than luckily iOS 8 is addition that ability. Turn it on under Settings >then> Safari >then> Search Engine >then> DuckDuckGo. The good news is you can get this all features without iOS 8 jailbreak.

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